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Samantha, as well as being an accomplished author and ghostwriter, she is an inspirational, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker all the way from Australia.  She will captivate your audience with her energetic, carefree, Aussie accent as she relates to you through the art of storytelling. Her career spans four decades, from the small business owner, entrepreneur, and corporate executive to coaching top executives here and abroad on all facets of communication.

Listening, Leadership, Life, and Love. She is a four-time published author of fiction stories based on real-life experiences. Her intention and purpose are to give audiences the power to retain inspiration, motivation, imagination, and yes, even gusto through the art of storytelling. Stories we remember and memories are forever. Over the last 15 years, Samantha has ghostwritten over a hundred books for aspiring authors, executives, doctors, celebrities, and political figures.

                   Here are some high impact Story Presentations

Being at Risk for Possibility

Follow Your Destiny

Your Winning Formula

Change For Growth



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