Ghostwriting Fees 2019

All-inclusive fees below are for clients I’m developing a story totally from scratch with interviews and transcripts!  Fees will vary depending on any already written or outlined material.

  • Three-Page Biography For a Web-Site or Gift . . . $450 (Includes Interviews, written work formatted, sent on a flash drive)
  •  100-150 Page E-Book Formatted for Kindle . . .  $6,500 Approx. 270 words per page (40,000 words) All-inclusive of interviews, drafts and book formatting
  • 150-250 Page Book for memoirs and life stores All-Inclusive of Interviews, Drafts, Formatted, Publishing Ready $20,000 – $35,000 (Approx. 80,000-100,000 words)
  • Screenplay 120-Page with Final Draft Software . . . $4,500 – $7500 depending on the partial or full creation of the story
  •  Developmental Edit and Embellish . . . $1475.00  (approx. 125 pages /40,000 words)
  • Research and Write Blogs $55.00 per hour 
  • Creating, Re-Writing, and Coaching on Delivery of Speech . . . $65 per hour includes dissecting given material to produce a poignant, memorable delivery. 

Work Terms – NCA agreement/ Writing contract/ Payment scheduling

20% standard retainer for scheduling. Percentage draws as the project progresses. Balance due only upon submission of the final manuscript. For questions, or to arrange a suitable project schedule, please call

(561 319-4941)



To write your Memoir, E-Book, or Fiction-Non-Fiction story, you will be working with someone who knows how to ask the right questions. You will find it effortless to get started, stay on track, and you will be encouraged to get results. Samantha loves the World of Story. She owes her success for being a great listener, and that helps you make the connections you may have forgotten. She will draw you out gently and skillfully, helping you to see things you might have forgotten. As someone well versed in story structure and language (having written four published novels) Samantha will have you powerfully communicating and writing in your authentic voice.


Hi! So you have written your book and you want it edited and embellished professionally?  No Problem.


  Novel / Life Story / Memoir / Biography    Already written

$1475 all-inclusive (Approx. 40,000 words)

The scope of work (number of words) is pro-rated.

    Now, what do I do for a developmental edit?


    • Format correct
    • Critique character descriptions and personalities
    • Improve sentence structure and story flow
    • Suggest minor additions or deletions
    • Eliminate wordiness and clutter
    • Rewrite for consistency of tone where necessary
    • Embellish and add dialogue where lacking
    • Correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Follow industry standards for the Final Draft screenplay software

All projects can be negotiated given that each project and scope of work varies, along with your time frame, and any necessary research, collaboration, etc. We can negotiate my fees to the extent of necessary Work and Time. These are only basic prices and services. Please remember my clients/authors have different degrees of writing and storytelling experience.  I often suggest doing a 2-3 page sample for you to experience my work and for me to determine the scope of work involved.


CALL: 561 319-4941