UNbridled PITCH

Childhood friends Burton Phillips, Mike Bradley, and Danny Salvaggio never talked about their feelings growing up, then one day everything changed when they discovered a tragic suicide.

The victim, Jessica Peters, was a famous high-goal polo player and the ex-wife of a professional golfer. One of the boys, intrigued by Jessica’s past, sets out to reinvent her life as a polo player while uncovering his theory about her death.  He soon becomes prey to a salacious obsession with an older woman and one who is dead.

When immersed in the bizarre world of horses, money, and power, the immature, young Burton soon finds his life emulating Jessica’s. His addiction to polo and hateful vengeance toward his father confront the reality of his character with remarkable results.

UNbridled is an emotionally conflicting story about human frailty and the unique bond of childhood friendships, uncovering what effect parenting has on the psyche of a child for years to come.

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The compelling first sequel to Unbridled is another unforgettable novel about fleeting youth – the second in a trilogy after three boys discover a tragic suicide. Their lives become dominant exposes of today’s youth and the social problems faced by many.

Danny Salvaggio fights wildfires in the rugged mountains of Montana and Wyoming. He sets the stakes exceptionally high by carrying a secret buried in his untamed heart. He knows that he is different, but fear drives a decision to hide out with the most robust and most influential of men.  Ashamed of his feelings Danny continues to deny his homosexuality.

One Australian firefighter gives up his life to rescue a young yearling in a dramatic barn fire. The high-goal polo pony breeding operation has no use for a disfigured young horse and discards the animal.  Danny, knowing that his friend gave his life to save the yearling, steps up and takes the horse to a barn that will care for it and provide specialized training. Over time the bond is evident between them.  The horse, Curvo, becomes the catalyst in an unusual string of tragic events stemming from shame, deceit, and prejudice displayed in a judgmental world of firefighters as Danny struggles to come out.  A must-read, clarifying story of the shame and fear that haunt many of our gay society.

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UNscripted PITCH

Following the novels UNbridled, and UNtamed comes UNscripted. The final in this trilogy explodes into a dramatic conclusion in the author’s native country, Australia. The three stories collide to a tumultuous ending, showing how one suicide can change the lives of many.

UNscripted’s protagonist, Mike Bradley, returns to Byron Bay and finds his girlfriend missing, he discovers a letter, she has left him.  Burdened by an unsavory past, Mike turns to the comfort of drugs, which quickly ignites a journey to hell as a heroin addict.

After a brutal beating when trying to secure more drugs, a famous retired doctor saves his life.  Mike receives instant support from a nomadic family living an unusual life surfing the great Australian Beaches. They become the catalyst for Mike’s dramatic recovery. Mike lives with Doc and his family who travel across the country for two years.  An unexpected, vicious shark, attacks and kills one of Doc’s children, Mike is jolted back to reality.  He can longer hide out, knowing that the time has come to face his ghosts and find his true love.

He decides to take the train ride on the Indian Pacific across the rugged Outback back to the East Coast (where he met up with Doc and his family).  The often times gripping experience on the train fuels Mike psyche and confidence, he seeks out his true love, reunites with his best friend Burton Phillips who works for the ruthless polo patron, Jack Keating.  Enmeshed into the life of Polo with the rich and famous. Mike learns to care for horses, which include Danny’s beloved horse, Curvo.

The Hunter Valley in Scone, Eastern Australia, becomes the backdrop as the story lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding a real-life shocking polo horse massacre and another true-to-life senseless death by the hands of a famous polo patron. The country prepares for the Australian Open as competition and greed gain power. The story reveals in a fictional manner what players and owners will go through to win.

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 Seventeen years ago I penned my first novel and fell in love with a craft that became my passion. For the following six years that love turned into a Trilogy. I opened my arms to the world in all three novels saying: “Here is my vision of life and the nature of human beings who have inhabited my world.” I wrote from my experience and belief of what happens to our youth when faced with similar circumstances. I was an inexperienced writer back then but be rest assured I knew how to spin a good yarn. (Aussie slang) My authentic self-expression occurred as a flood of insight enveloped me stemming from the tragic death of former polo player Deborah Couples. Each novel is peppered with my love of horses and the game of polo. The novels are sequels but also stand alone. 


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