Motivational Speaking and Examining Leadership

You get to choose the Topic that best suits your company or organization.

 Positive Thinking and Expression
Learn how to think differently. Did you know that you possess a power center for driving energy to succeed both personally and professionally? Not just a means to fame and riches, but a practical application for overcoming defeat, disappointment, and disillusionment.   You will understand that what you say defines what you receive. If we expect the best we get it.  We will uncover examples of how your reality was created.

“Communication” is usually the scapegoat for a variety of problems, but it does not mean what you think. I’m referring here to a connection that shares truth and reflects reality. The only way you can genuinely communicate is to speak and respond honestly. Moreover, to do that you have to go beyond what you presently think or believe, which is often the source of confusion, passed down from what family and friends may think. Up until this day, you have gone along to get along, especially with family structures and opinions. Now is the time for you to understand what you think and believe. You will get introduced to different techniques that allow you to grow your listening practices and bring a subtle power to your conversations, discussions, and leadership style.

Cultivating Passion in the Workplace
Believe in yourself . . . Believe in your truth . . . Express your truth!
Today’s companies use three major approaches when nurturing a work environment where people are passionate about what they do.
They get asked to:
a. Identify success and what it means to them.
b. To transform present, going nowhere projects, into well thought out challenges.
c. Be aware of exactly how and what they contribute.
d. To stop placing barriers that prevent success in the workplace.

 Dare to be Different
Is it possible to identify your reality? Can you tell me who you are? We will practice improvisation with assigned workshop tasks. You will gain the freedom to think in a new way by learning to act deliberately instead of reacting to circumstances. After removing the unconscious, self-imposed limitations to achieving success, you will GET what a fantastic person you are, and how when YOU take the helm and dare to be different, the realm of possibilities will open up to you.

The Pain and Passion
Do you have regrets and resentments? Set yourself free by knowing how you created your career and the life you live. Let’s look back at the “dots” and appreciate all the events, both painful and passionate, associated with your job and relationships. You will see how your breakdowns became significant breakthroughs. We will discuss pain and passion at length in a forum atmosphere to share, listen, and learn from one another. You will finally get to see how those dots connected and how necessary they were!

 Defining – Leader or Follower?
Leadership is not about a title. It’s about having an impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, and influence spreads a new love of your work while inspiring team-mates, clients, and customers. Natural Leaders are rare. We are not all leaders, and we must have followers. Find out which role you take on. Can you imagine, make an impact, and encourage others as a leader or by supporting your leader as a follower! You will be invited to find out.  Each is the conduit to success. Samantha will challenge participants to think out of the bo while encouraging the role of the follower. A leader is only as good as the team they lead.

(No maximum number count – Approximately one-hour speaking and one-hour question and answer)


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