This is a non-fiction Life Story with a client who lived in Hawaii. She had a lot of notes written down and we spoke regularly over Skype. I would tape these sessions and then transcribe before creatively ghostwriting the first draft and send back to her to edit, add, or change. Most often while she was doing her edit I’d be working on the next chapter already interviewed.



+++Today, I am flying over to one of the smallest islands in the chain, and I plan on overseeing a small project as a favor for an old colleague.  As the Cessna screeches to a halt, my coffee spills and I laugh. I never had that problem before being in New York. I don’t know why, I still hate the taste of coffee, but I seem to be taking it when offered on every flight now. Ah, those short trips are amazingly enjoyable, you get on, you get your drink, you get off . . . The way a flight should be!

+++My phone starts ringing as we are taxing. Oh God, even before I make it off the plane? I pull my cell phone out of my bag and can’t make out the number calling me. I don’t believe this. I’m all prepared to holler into the receiver, hey, I haven’t even gotten into my rental car yet . . . Then, I notice the call is a NY number. I immediately think that there is something wrong at the Spa.
+++“Hello,” I say cautiously.
+++“Hello, Tia, did you get home alright?”
+++“Y-yes,” I could barely get out. The voice I recognize takes my breath away.
+++“Mr. Boss . . . I-I mean M-mike. Hello, sorry I just got off a plane, and can’t hear you very well,” I stammer.
+++“What, you are just getting home now?” he questioned.
+++“Oh, no, I’m back at work and have flown to another Island for the day for some work on a job site. My day job, you know?” I laugh.
+++“Yeah, so I was just down by the Spa, and I saw the manager. She seems to be doing a great job. The business was full, and that girl you hired at the front desk, really knows how to sell a product.” I interrupt him.
+++“Receptionist, she is called a receptionist,” I laugh, happy things are going well.
+++“When do you think you will be back?  I believe that you need to be here supporting your team for awhile,” Mike told me matter-of-factly.
+++“Well, when does the earth thaw out over there?” I laugh, supposing that would buy me a few seconds to get my thoughts together. I wasn’t expecting a call from Mr. Boss himself.  Unless something was going wrong, I guess I never expected a call from him at all.

+++As I disembark the small plane I see the supervisor making his way over to me, and I’m still talking on the phone.
+++“Hello Tia, here’s your keys,” I hear, and he hands me the rental car keys.
+++I took them, but wasn’t paying attention, why is it always that way when I am talking to Mr. Boss Man? I was struggling to focus. I took the phone from my ear for a few seconds.
+++“Thanks, John. Will I see you this afternoon at the site?” I questioned.
+++“Who is that you are talking to on the phone?” John asked. He was always very insecure about his job.
+++“Oh, uh just the car rental guy,” I stammered.
+++“I already have your car? Why did he call you?” John sounded suspicious.
+++“Yeah, well small islands. When you travel as much as I do here, ya’ get to know the local agents, hold on John.”

+++Then I heard that familiar demanding voice on my phone.
+++“Who the hell are you talking too?” Mr. Boss asks, that gruff voice always a turn on for me. I quickly say the first thing that comes to my mind.
+++“Hey, let me call you back in a minute, I have to get my car,” I tell him.
+++“Uh, okay, whatever …” Mike replied, and then he was gone.

+++Now back to business, I need to take a hold of myself, I am acting like a teenager, all flushed and I told lies. After walking to the rental car with John, I listen as he he brings me up to date on what is happening and what progress got made, what problems to expect and the updated construction schedule.

+++Driving to the site, I quickly call Mike back and to my relief, there is no answer. But within minutes my phone buzzes back.
+++“Hello Mike, I am sorry. I’m having a busy day. Fridays are always the same for me. Let me call you tomorrow, and I will be more relaxed over the weekend. I’m glad there are no problems,” I smile.
+++“Huh, okay. I’ll talk to you then,” Mike replied, sounding disappointed.
+++I hang up and get on with my day.