This particular Fiction Excerpt is from Young Adult Gay novel, UNtamed, the second novel in a Trilogy that I wrote about three young men who discovered a suicide. Danny had hidden the fact that he was gay for years. He worked in Wyoming as a tough firefighter until finally his relationship with a disfigured polo pony that he had saved from a barn fire gave him the strength to finally “come out”.




THE BARREN, DRY fields, sectioned off by post and rail fencing, quickly disappeared as the young men sped off to the base of the mountain, free at last to be themselves. As they approached the high, haze of blue the elements of a fast approaching winter faced them—disappearing green grass, rows of thinned out forest pines, huge bare boulders, and rocks. Clumps of bushes and shrubs had already lost the fall foliage. The snow-capped mountain peaks certainly changed the mood of the dry, barren, Laramie region they had left.

It had turned cold. Danny looked at his outside temperature gauge on the dashboard. During the day it fluctuated between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Now with the sun almost down, the temperature had dropped to the low 30’s. Pulling up by a small lake, they were just in time to see the reflection of the snow-covered mountain peaks fading into the dark blue water. The juxtaposing light reflecting on the lake was beyond belief.

Danny and Kyle got out of the car.

“Grab a heavier jacket, Danny,” Kyle reminded him, “it’s cold, and will only get colder.”

“You’re right, living in this part of the country, there’s a need to carry extra jackets and coats. I came prepared,” replied a grinning Danny.

“Since that’s the case, how about handing me one?” Kyle asked, pointing to the jackets he could see on the back seat.

Danny reached in and threw one back to Kyle, their hands touched, Danny turned, and their eyes locked. After a few seconds, Kyle spoke.

“Ah-ah . . . let’s walk,” he suggested placing his hands into the coat pockets.

Danny followed suit and after a few hundred yards turned to ask Kyle a question continuing the conversation that had earlier.

“Why can’t you be yourself, dude?”

“I think you know why, Dan,” Kyle answered.

“You can tell me if you like?”

“When Dad found out that I was gay,” Kyle began, “he almost killed me. Within one month we were on our way to live in Laramie.”

“Why Laramie?”

“Dad thought being here would cure me. He had read about Laramie, watched the making of The Laramie Project, and trusted that these town folk would put the scare of God into me. Maybe he thought I’d forget all about it,” Kyle explained, kicking a rock with his boot a good fifty feet ahead…