+++The Author was sexually abused as a child and wanted to tell her story but also wanted to protect family members . . . the Prologue actually happened and then see how we fictionalized the story by reading the Synopsis.


+++The door of the truck slams shut. He walks into Dunkin Donuts. I’m six-years-old. I slide down in the seat curling myself up into a ball, and after a few minutes I peep out the window. I curl up even tighter. He is coming back with one small coffee in his hand. I keep my mouth shut—he never even asked if I wanted anything.

+++I’m eight-years-old and I’m crying. I moan louder and louder, but he kept hitting me. I don’t know if it’s a belt or his hand. I can’t remember. I act as it hurts me more than it does, so he will stop hitting me sooner. I’ve done that tactic more than once and have that down pat.

+++I’m ten-years-old. One day, coming home from school.  My brother has been ordered to throw all my toys from the basement and attic outside, why? I had no warning or chance to save anything per that order – I feel like my whole childhood is getting torn from me. I lost a lot of trust in my father that day.

+++My brother is sixteen-years-old. I’m watching him being tossed around the kitchen, thrown around because he ripped up my sister report card. My father had come home one night after work, livid and upset to find that my brother had ripped up both his and my sister’s report cards, destroying them beyond recognition. He proceeded to toss my brother around the kitchen. I remember standing to watch, trying not to let him see me. He wasn’t hitting him, just throwing the kid. One minute he was up in the air and the next on the ground, it was crazy. I knew that was way too much for any human being to go through, and my brother didn’t deserve that. I didn’t try to stop him because I was afraid.

+++He insisted on giving me back massages. I thought they were out of love. I would enjoy them until he got to the point where his fingers would touch my breasts, and then I would tell him to stop. I’m sixteen-years-old and remember feeling uncomfortable. He would consistently wrap his arms around me, “Oh, you are gorgeous,” he would say, kissing me on the cheeks, I can still smell his alcoholic breath.

+++I’m standing by the window looking out . . . I feel his arms around me, and he whispers, “You are delicious,” he says licking my neck. “Oh, get off me, get away!” I said, pushing him.

I’m eighteen-years-old. Early one morning around 2 a.m., he came into my room and got into my bed. He lay down beside me, and then I felt his erection; he began pushing his hard cock up against my back while his arms were wrapped tightly around me.

+++I said to him, “What are you doing?”
+++Then he told me, “I can’t sleep.”
+++I told him to get out of my room, and he left.

+++I am 22-years-old laying my couch. I had just come back from college. I slept on the sofa a lot, and he didn’t like that. This one time I woke up to him rubbing my back. I thought to myself—Okay, I will see how far he will go. I’ll let him have his way—I wanted to see what would happen if he went past my boobs. I wanted to know whether he was a pervert. He was creepy and totally a mess; he was rubbing me all over; my legs and back, it was uncomfortable. Then he came from behind; I was lying on my stomach, and he started to rub my butt and my hips; his hand went down to my vagina, and he began rubbing it. I said, “Now, that’s enough, thanks! I don’t know why I said thanks because I was so mad!” Now I knew my father was a molester, but when I told my mom all she said laughing it off. “Oh, sweetheart, you are such a story teller!”


(This is how we fictionalized the story)

+++When Elizabeth Rowe, the beautiful, savvy, television personality, and philanthropist, is asked to do a four-week reality, unrehearsed, panel series. She agrees unquestionably to work with six handpicked guests with demon possessing behaviors that are flooding today’s media news networks.

+++She is offered a large sum of money to do the series if she brings in high ratings. Being the ultimate philanthropist, she agrees. Producers are shocked, but thrilled by her reaction to do the four shows. However, unbeknown to the confident Liz, her world will be shattered as she relives her horrible past, and old memories become taunted once again. Despite her years of struggle to ward off past demons, ironically the six people making up the panel—vividly remind her of those who challenged her sanity years ago.

+++For all her trappings of success today, Liz is tempted and aroused by one guest in particular. Tormented by demons of narcissism, control, and adultery; he reminds her of a painful affair she had with a married man. As the weeks go by Liz finds herself recalling her journal and diary entries from a young age, plagued by flashbacks and dreams of her sordid life trying to survive her pain and hurt. Will she expose her past to live television? Will her panel betray her?

+++Thought-provoking, sometimes humorous, sensual, and deeply moving, Waking the Dragon is a tale that will shock and enrage you, while demonstrating what happens to children repeatedly trapped by sexual abuse, molded by the events, and forced to live with destroying silences . . .