Writing Samples

Below are excerpts taken from projects that I have worked on throughout the years, that show a variety of genres.  Click on the links to view book cover and an excerpt.

6000MilesTHUMBLIFE STORY: 6000 Miles
This is a non-fiction Life Story with a client who lived in Hawaii. She had a lot of
notes written down and we spoke regularly over Skype. I would tape these sessions
and then transcribe before creatively ghostwriting the first draft and send to her to edit,
add, or change. Most often while she was doing her edit I’d be working on the next chapter already interviewed.

read excerpt from 6000 Miles

AGoodKidBentOnRevengeTHUMBLIFE STORY: A Good Kid Bent on Revenge
This Life Story, naturally fictionalized because of the nature of the content, yes, the story was all about the Mafia, and we all know what the Mafia can do? Seriously, this man had a great story about his life many years ago. He chose to fly into Florida where I am based and over three days we captured the story all in taped interviews, about 20 hours spread over the period he was here. It was great to meet this man and watch him talk, his mannerisms, and street-smart personality. The book got completed in three months, with the drafts going back and forth via email. 

read excerpt from A Good Kid Bent on Revenge


FICTION STORY: The Matchmakers
I was the writer of this story. A client came to me and stated that she had a story and knew of an investor friend who would fund a book writing and publishing project. We would all be partners. The deal was that I would only take half of the usual fee for a book this size, she would tell the story as the whistleblower, and he had the money to pay me and the publishing costs. The deal maker for me was that he supposedly had all these television and publishing contacts. It was a lot of fun writing the project, and we had a contract.  He, unfortunately, died of a heart attack and the lady could barely pay for the publishing cost, and we were minus the great contacts. It is a little raunchy but I tried to make it humorous and added a mystery to it for a more compelling read . . . it is a fun easy read! 

read excerpt front The Matchmakers

NON-FICTION STORY: It Started With A Toothbrush
This is a non-fiction sample of a Lesbian relationship that I ghostwrote while collaborating with the author. We captured her story through interviews and some written notes she sent. The story is delightful and demonstrates how at late age this woman discovered that she was attracted to another woman.

read excerpt from It Started With A Toothbrush

Childhood friends Burton Phillips, Mike Bradley, and Danny Salvaggio never talked about their feelings growing up but one day everything changed—they discovered a tragic suicide. The victim, Jessica Peters, was a famous high-goal polo player and the ex-wife of a professional golfer. One of the boys, intrigued by Jessica’s past, sets out to reinvent her life as a polo player while uncovering his theory about her death.  He soon becomes prey to an obsession with an older woman—one who is dead. UNbridled is an emotionally conflicting story about human frailty and the unique bond of childhood friendships, uncovering the effect parenting has on the psyche of a child. 

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This particular Fiction Excerpt is from Young Adult Gay novel, UNtamed, the second novel in a Trilogy that I wrote about three young men who discovered a suicide. Danny had hidden the fact that he was gay for years, worked in Wyoming as a tough fire fighter until finally his relationship with a disfigured polo pony that he had saved from a barn fire gave him the strength to finally “come out”. 

read excerpt from UNtamed

FICTION STORY: Waking The Dragon
The Author was sexually abused as a child and wanted to tell her story but also wanted to protect family members …

the Prologue actually happened and then see how we fictionalized the story by reading the Synopsis.

read excerpt from Waking The Dragon

This last in a trilogy was written in its entirety and set in my native country, Australia. It took me two months to write the first draft, and I experienced for the first time some of the adventures we have in Australia. I depicted them into the fiction story to add more excitement and information about Australia and the Outback. I took two tragedies that happened here in Florida and played them out in Australia to protect the real people in the polo community with fiction characters.

read excerpt from UNscripted

BeyondMedicineTHUMBNON-FICTION STORY: How 2 Heal
This project was for a very challenging developmental edit, as you will see by the sample I was given. I had to embellish the text to keep the reader interested. Often with a medical or self-help book the author can gets too technical. I will give you a sample of the edit I was given to show you the work I do. 

read excerpt from How 2 Heal


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