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CHRIS-e1441380274389The King of Bling, or more affectionately, The Ice Man and The Emperor of Ice. These titles stem from his innate creativity and knowledge of magnificent gemstones and diamonds.

So, how does one man achieve that kind of status coming from such humble beginnings?
Chris was born on Christmas Day 1964, and lovingly christened Christopher, but along with that came an extraordinary destiny. Growing up in the village of Ivue-uromi in Edo State, Nigeria, Chris helped his father manage the family oil haulage business, and without knowing it, he got exposed to independently working for himself. Looking back, this formed part of his essence and the first dot got established leading to his future destiny. After graduating from college with distinction, Chris knew that something else was gnawing deep inside of him, causing him an unexplainable unrest . . .

How would he discover what that was?
Unlike many of us, Chris is the ultimate Capricorn, goal oriented and driven to succeed despite all odds, decided to be at risk for a possibility. He declined his father’s invitation to join the family business and said goodbye to his roots in search of an unknown dream and desire. After relocating to the USA seeking an education and career in the arts . . .  He had found his calling.
After working menial jobs in fast food restaurants flipping hamburgers at night, and pursuing his education during the day. He finally graduated with a degree in acting and directing, but still . . . Something was missing!

Yes . . . But Chris had established yet another dot!
Breaking into the acting scene proved to be unsuccessful, so Chris decided to turn his talents into making music. He joined a group, and together they made music for a few years, but then his independence took over, and he decided to go it alone. Was this a mistake? Yes, struggling every day he had to face the truth, but still, he always believed that there was something bigger he was destined to be . . . Or do?

Aimlessly he searched, finally accepting a job as an apprentice to a jeweler, and now his world was about to change. Working with the magic and beauty of gemstones, he was soon envisioning sophisticated designs, which resonated with him . . . Finally, he discovered his passion. Soon after he enrolled at Gemological Institute of America and achieved a diamond-grading diploma.
It had been thirteen years since Chris left his home in Nigeria in search of an unknown dream. Looking back he was able to connect the dots—Chris had found his purpose! After completing a six-year apprenticeship, in 1996 he set out independently with a meager five-thousand-dollars coupled with a dream and passion for designing unique jewelry for the stars!

Yes, he was on his way . . .
Living in Los Angeles, he decided to put together a unique collection of jewelry pieces with the intention of marketing the entertainment industry and professional athletes. Putting his self at risk once again, he took his jewelry to places where he knew celebrities hung out, and he intentionally frequented big ball game venues. Chris believed that opportunities are everywhere, every day, convinced the right one would come his way.

One unexpected day, he happened to meet Gary Payton, an NBA superstar with the then Seattle Supersonics, Gary showed interest in his work and invited Chris to see him in Miami at a Charity event the following month. Having only enough money to get to Miami didn’t deter Chris at all, he went there with trust, talent, and quality for design. With that attitude, he landed a substantial order, it was his breakthrough moment, further convincing Chris what he had suspected—this was the niche market that he always dreamed.

Through sincerity, reliability, and hard work, by 2004 Chris had made fashion history when he became the first jeweler to stage a runway show at New York Fashion Week. Over the last thirty years, Chris has established a strong network of followers among athletes, musicians, politicians, and high-net-worth individuals worldwide. His clients are a diverse group of Hollywood superstars like Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood, and Madonna. Snoop Dogg, Eva Longoria, Jade Pinkett-Smith, and Ellen DeGeneres . . . To name a few.

Chris Aire cares about the world and people. He strives to raise awareness of cultural and global issues through social responsibility. Chris believes in making a difference both in the community and around the world, to help pave the way for future generations to rise to success. He only uses conflict-free gold and gemstones, sourcing directly from mines not involved in blood diamonds or the use of child labor. He has personally invested in African mines to ensure ethical workplace standards and quality control. A portion of all sales materializes to his philanthropic efforts providing access to clean water and education to people in Nigeria and around the world. He is a Director at United Robles Rescue Mission and supports Dream Foundation and the Jenesee Center in the United States.

Chris defines the term TrailBlazer, but behind all great men stand a woman—she is Diana Durojaiye. They have been together seventeen years and have three beautiful children. Diana, who has a Master Degree in Economics & Management, is the Vice President of Solid 21 Inc., which is the parent company of the Chris Aire brand, she is one of the company’s biggest assets.
Chris continues to travel and grow their exceptional empire while Diana keeps her hand on the pulse of business, and cares for their adorable children.

All jewelry, branded Chris Aire, has a divine signature and soul – in that they have life made with utmost diligence, pride, and most of all . . . Love!



Born July 26, 1959, in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Tamar was raised in a middle-class family with three siblings–two brothers and one sister. At fourteen years of age, while attending school, Tamar’s destiny unfolded, she discovered her talent while playing with chalk in school. She would doodle on her notebook cover, tracing images of woman’s faces.

A little girl of fourteen was about to unleash an art that would grow and contribute human emotion for years to come. Tamar attended and completed high school when she was eighteen. It was mandatory in her country for young people to enter into the army right after finishing high school.

While in the military, Tamar’s hand was accepted in marriage, and at the young age of nineteen, she married. Her husband was a famous athlete and soccer player in Tel Aviv. Their first son, Izik, was born September 8th, 1980. When Izik was four months old, the family moved to the USA. Tamar’s husband had been invited to play with a prominent indoor soccer team in Arizona.

After only playing four to five months, he quit. The family planned to return to Israel, but stopping off in Los Angeles to visit friends, Tamar’s husband was offered a job as a soccer coach for one year—that turned into eight years. Tamar became pregnant with her second child. She decided to return home to Israel where she gave birth to a daughter, Liron, in 1982. Ironically, Liron was also born on September 8th. Tamar and her children rejoined her husband in Los Angeles.

At the age of twenty-one, after dabbling in art for seven years, Tamar finally got serious with her paintings, she set out to purchase canvas and paints, now faced with the real test of talent. Tamar had never gone to school to learn the basics of art and painting. Her only teacher was the intense desire for the craft. Tamar is a self-taught artist. She always knew that she was different; enjoying her time alone, yet she was never really alone—her thoughts and feelings became swirls of emotions conversing on canvas.

She prefers to paint on large canvases (36”x48”) big enough to allow her inspiration the chance to grow. She likes to walk by her work, taking the time to think, feel and create her messages. To describe Tamar is to describe her talent. Her art is pure emotion. Looking deeply into her paintings, you will discover childhood innocence, secret fantasies, faces hidden for your interpretations, and eyes closed deep in thought. Laughter and happiness evade her work, but the colors, enchantment, beauty, grace, and elegance will tear at your heart causing you to think more deeply, look more deeply, and live more intensely.

Samuel, her third child, and second son were born in Los Angeles ten years after his sister Liron. Coincidentally, Samuel was born in 1991 on the corresponding day and month, on September 8th. Tamar divorced after twenty-two years of marriage in the year 2000. Samuel became an unbelievable athlete, football and tennis player. He attended Florida International University, with aspirations of becoming a doctor. He was a college student studying pre-med when catastrophically he met with an accident. Samuel passed away due to a drunk driver on August 27th, 2010.

Tamar’s sons are her best friends; she has not only lost a son but a best friend as well. The emotional havoc that has played so heavily on her heart will eventually take her art to a new level of emotional discovery. As a heartfelt impressionist and grieving mother, Samuel will live in Tamar’s paintings. She will express her pain through her art, but at the same time, she will learn how to allow Samuel to live on her canvases.

Throughout Tamar’s life, she has seen it all, from wars in Israel to losing the most important thing in her life—her child. Every painting has meaning and vision, they express her feelings, along with memories of her many life experiences. Today, Tamar and her kids live in Hollywood, Florida USA. She is happy to share her life equally with the love of her family, and her intense expression through art.


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