Samantha Elphick

The Aussie Kid finds the American Dream

Born in Australia into a harsh family environment, Samantha, the third sibling of four girls, grew up in the typical dysfunctional family with a “Spare the rod . . . Spoil the child” mindset. At the young age of sixteen, having just finished high school, and done with the abuse, she ran away from home. After traveling twelve hours on a train, she sat on a park bench in a big city, suitcase by her side, alone and afraid ready to make something of her situation. Checking her suitcase into a train station, she pulled up her bootstraps and roamed the city looking for work. Within hours, she had found a job as a waitress and started immediately.

After the original drama settled, she went on to complete a four-year hair-designer apprenticeship course. Then at the young age of nineteen, she met and married a fellow Australian. Over the next nine years, she gave birth to three beautiful children but eventually filed for divorce, determined to find her dreams and talents. As a single parent, with only courage and a vision, Samantha purchased a Bankrupt hair salon and quickly became aware of her unique skills for entrepreneurship, people, and creativity. She was instrumental in being the first to introduce the Unisex concept in hair design services and her business exploded. Soon discovering a natural talent for writing, training, and creating motivational programs. It was difficult as a single parent, but she managed to maintain the love, support, and welfare of her children while growing a superb business concept. She finally had to accept that her determination, courage, and endurance got developed from her roots and tough upbringing and in her mind, she was able to forgive her father.

Five successful years later, she met and married an ex-patriot and traveled outside of Australia for the first time—this fueled her restlessness. After selling her first business, Samantha and her family left the land down under for life in the United States, taking on the full financial responsibility for her three children. In St. Louis, MO. She purchased her second Bankrupt hair salon four weeks after arriving in the country. America loved the fresh Aussie spirit, talent, and experience. After six months, she was featured on the cover of city magazines and was commissioned to write a weekly fashion column for a local newspaper. While living in St. Louis, she also attained her private pilot’s license, and later a glider license in Sugarbush, Vermont. After four years, her marriage unfortunately ended, and once again she joined the ranks of single parenthood.

Samantha sold yet another business for a lucrative profit. She and her children relocated to Boston, MA. At age forty-three she mounted a horse for the first time, and a new passion got ignited. That discovery led to fox hunting, steeplechase racing, and competitive polo—a journey of discovery that introduced her to a world of sex-money-power. She purchased her original horse farm in Ipswich, MA., the start of many. Samantha’s aptitude for business escalated growing two chains of successful hair salons over the next ten years. She studied part-time at Emerson College in Boston and went on to create a unique cable-vision show called Powerful Women, writing and producing individual shows for the next twelve months.

During many productive years, she successfully joined the ranks of Corporate America and gained the ability to write business plans, proposals, construction schedules, training and operating manuals. Selling her chain of hair salons, Samantha went on and reinvented herself as a sought-after Corporate Trainer and motivational speaker. For three years, she traveled nationally and internationally to numerous companies focusing on communication and leadership programs.

Her decision to move to Florida became a subsequent critical chapter in her life journey after a failed seven-year love relationship. She purchased a 65-acre polo ranch, and within months turned her home into a Bed and Breakfast venue. Building more stables and acquiring other horses, she grew a horse-leasing operation, leased the polo field to the public for games and tournaments. She offered polo vacation packages and worked tirelessly developing a successful business, writing polo biographies, advertising campaigns, and establishing unique marketing events. After nine fabulous, productive years, she sold the ranch for a handsome profit.

One week after selling her business, Samantha heard the tragic news regarding the suicide death of fellow polo player and thrust herself into what would become her most significant accomplishment—writing her first novel with the freedom to express herself. The publishing of her first novel, Unbridled, in February 2006, was a turning point. The following year Samantha traveled across the country marketing the book, committed to the story’s success. Readers wanted more stories, and so did her characters. She turned her quest into writing a trilogy. In 2007, she purchased 78-acres in South Carolina where she was in the thick of developing the property while writing her first sequel and playing competitive polo. Like many others, she was walloped by the struggling economy and suffered a massive financial loss. A move back to Florida became apparent. Her determination went into full swing, with the publishing of Untamed in January 2009.

That same year, Samantha hosted her Internet Radio Talk Show while creating her new business, Passion for People Writing Services. Writing had become her love and passion. She quickly set out to re-invent herself as a ghostwriter. She completed writing her third novel, Unscripted, set in its entirety in her native country, Australia and saw publishing in December 2010, ending the YA genre trilogy. Each story can stand-alone and sequels to the boy’s conflict, love, obsession, polo, drugs, and sexuality.

Over the last thirteen years, Samantha’s career found devotion to ghostwriting memoirs, life story novels, short biographies, screenplays, and speeches. In 2013, she was commissioned to write The Matchmakers, a book inspired by a real-life whistleblower and got published in 2014. All Samantha’s stories are available on her website and Now the author of four published books and numerous memoirs, she has earned the respect of her peers and audiences. With her uncanny ability to listen, write, and relate to others, her life journey continues to fuel that talent.

Today, she is free to travel nationally and internationally and leaves herself available to go where the story warrants the telling or needs a doctor for editing. Her last significant accomplishment? Being selected to write a story for a famous political leader in Africa. Traveling to a foreign country took courage, audacity, and bravery. The project found completion in 2017.

Years of successful ghostwriting, editing, and freelance writing continues to fuel her journey and passion. In 2019 she wants to help and give young authors, or experienced ones with no time to finish projects, her valuable experience to edit and embellish all works of writing developmentally.




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