+++This Life Story, naturally fictionalized because of the nature of the content, yes, the story was all about the Mafia, and we all know what the Mafia can do? Seriously, this man had a great story about his life many years ago. He chose to fly into Florida where I am based and over three days we captured the story all in taped interviews, about 20 hours spread over the period he was here. It was great to meet this man and watch him talk, his mannerisms, and street-smart personality. The book got completed in three months, with the drafts going back and forth via email. 

Fiction life story – A Good Kid Bent On Revenge


A few years later . . .

+++The talk on the street was that Rocco and another Speglaretti associate got indicted for strong-arming some dude who was behind paying his loan shark money back. Rocco and a couple of guys went to his house, and when he opened the door they shoved him inside, no questions got asked, and immediately they roughed him up. Rocco pulled some pliers out of his pocket and yanked out two of the guy’s front teeth. Rocco, he got coined with the nickname “the dentist” after that episode. Rocco was big, fat, and a little crazy but never understood why these idiots borrowed money if they couldn’t pay it back . . . Didn’t they know what they were getting into, and what could happen to them with the mob?

+++Ronny told Bobby that he was taking in a partner, a friend of his who owned a Lumber company up in Vermont. He was looking forward to making some money on the side, assuring him that the partner was willing to pay his debt, and may want to do some business with Bobby. Reluctantly, he agreed to meet them at a specified restaurant parking lot and would call on the day, to give the time.

+++Three days later, as planned, I called and met Ronny and his partner. I made little Joey stay out of the picture. Once I saw them pull up, I got out of my Caddy and walked over to talk to Ronny. They were in a Chevy Citation, but something didn’t seem right. Ronny got out of the car, faced me and grinned stupidly.
+++“You got my money?” I asked Ronnie.
+++“Yeah, he’s got it in the car,” Ronnie said, glancing back at the older man sitting in the passenger’s seat.
+++“If you ask me, he looks like a fucking cop!” I told him. I didn’t trust this weasel.
+++“N-no, he’s cool man. He’s going through a divorce and wants to make some quick cash on the side,” Ronny defended him. “C’mon, he trying to meet you.”

+++I was nervous but finally agreed. The guy got out of the car and shook my hand. He said his name was Sonny and offered to move some weight up in Vermont.
Ronnie counted out $1500 in one-hundred-dollar bills and handed them to me. We were standing close together, so I grabbed the money and slipped it into my pocket. I began to wonder a little, because Ronny had trouble coming up with tens and twenties, and now with this guy, he was coming up with fifteen C-notes! I looked over at Sonny suspiciously, and decided to change my approach; this could be a setup!

+++“I’m not in the drug business myself,” I began, “but I know some people that I might be able to hook you up with,” I pretended. In the back of my mind, I thought this kid could be a cop. “If I can help you out, I’ll deal through Ronny, and you can meet him on the other end,” I suggested.
+++“I-I’ll need a stash of Coke in a few days,” he quickly said.
+++“I’ll see what I can do,” I casually answered, and quickly left. We got into our separate cars and drove away. Something didn’t feel right.

+++I immediately turned into Joey’s condo and told him what had happened and my suspicions. Joey wanted us to find more customers. But after hearing my concern, he suggested we take it slow with Ronny and his brand new partner. The very next day, Ronny called me. He wanted to get the stuff for his new partner. I purposely jerked him off for a few more days, and then finally we agreed to meet at a different shopping plaza that afternoon.

+++Bobby and Joey pulled up first. Bobby was constantly punctual. Jimmy Speg consistently told him that he’d only wait fifteen minutes for someone. If they didn’t show up, then he would leave. In this business, people were never on time. They waited and were just about to leave when Ronny and Sonny finally showed up. Ronny quickly jumped out and ran over to Bobby’s car.
+++“You got the Coke, man?” he asked me.
+++“Whoa, hold on, does your big-shot partner got the money,” I barked back.
+++Ronny went to the rear of Sonnie’s car and came back with an envelope. I stayed inside the car and counted $1800 then handed him the Coke. I had wrapped the powder in plastic and placed inside a paper bag. Ronny immediately took the plastic baggy full of Coke out of the paper bag, and held it above the roof of my car, showing his partner that he had it. It was a weird thing to be doing, and it scared the shit out of me. I heard Joey yell.
+++“Let’s get out of here!”
+++I quickly started the car, shoved it into “drive” as fast as I could, and we screeched out of there. Once far enough away, feeling safer, I began questioning Ronnie’s actions but figured if he were a rat, we would have been busted that day in the parking lot.
+++After a few more deals and getting paid with Sonny, Ronny had managed to get got into us for four grans. We had to talk to him about getting paid. I made arrangements to meet Ronny at Joey’s restaurant—he was always hanging out there. Ronny came in about 9 p.m., and I told him to follow me into the bathroom.
+++“I got the money for the Coke,” Ronnie called out, holding up the money.
+++I immediately lost it pushing him hard up against the wall.
+++“What are you talking about, you fucker? I don’t know nuthin’ about any Coke!” I said, quickly grabbing the money.
+++“You better not be what I think you are,” I threatened.
+++Right, then Joey came through the bathroom and saw me patting Ronny down. I was looking for a wire. I found nothing and told Ronnie to get out of there, helping him to the door, and pushing him out.
+++“I don’t know about this guy,” I said to Joey. “You’re usually the one who is always paranoid,” I laughed.
+++Joey had grown up looking over his shoulder for Feds, but now I was the one who didn’t trust Ronny. I think this work was finally getting to me.