“Immediately Hiring Entry Level Positions Full time and Part time positions available no experience required.”

“Immediately Hiring Entry Level Positions Full time and Part time positions available no experience required.”

Job Advertisements like this one continue to saturate the Internet.

 What has happened?

Over the last two years, the sudden influx of the millennial generation has put a significant strain on many industries including freelance writing and other remote home based jobs. Most millennials still live at home and don’t have any real need to support themselves financially. The reports imply that this generation has been raised by parents who became their friends, therefore the need to get out and be independent no longer exists. Living at home has become the “new norm.”

Does our younger generation know what “sweat equity” means? They start a job’s and then leave that job. Their comfort is working from home. They offer low fees to get freelance writing or skilled computer work. Unfortunately, they are destroying the credibility and hard-earned experience of the generations who came before them who used to rely on these positions.  The job market has exploded but not without backlash. Companies are now looking for responsible, committed employees by offering good jobs and benefits with no experience required, supported by company training.

What is going on with this generation?

Take an individual who had no college; instead, took on a four-year apprenticeship to become a hair designer. After completing the course, she went on to own and operate numerous hair salons over the years, employing hundreds of employees. She became a successful entrepreneur and over the years adapted to many different and unique fields of business.

President Trumps administration is encouraging young people to serve these apprenticeships like welders, mechanics, electricians, and plumbers for both men and women. Women are stepping up to learn the male influenced jobs of the past. A proud young woman was seen proudly expressing her degree as a licensed Electrician.

Will these apprenticeships encourage the less fortunate with no college degrees to work and become entrepreneurs? Small business is being promoted and made accessible to find the financial support needed. Kudos to the once forgotten young men and women . . . moreover, unlike the privileged young person, brainwashed into believing a college degree is a necessity, now living comfortably at home making no real effort to get a real job, will find themselves challenged by young people who are now being offered career options with advertisements like this one: “Great Jobs Without College” 

Written by Samantha Elphick –  Passion for People Writing Services



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