The U.S. VilifieS RUSSIA as The “Wicked Witch!”

 By Samantha Elphick


The consensus of many Americans feeling shambolic:

 “He (Trump) cited with a thug and a dictator!”

“A disgraceful, un-American, performance on the world stage.”

“My mouth is still agape!”

“Nothing short of Treason.”

                                                   “He (Trump) took the word of the KGB over the CIA.”


Ever think that maybe Donald Trump wants to write a new page in the “Russia is Evil” Playbook? That won’t happen if he aggressively shames Putin on the world stage. We don’t know what went on in that 2-hour meeting, do we? Our President does not divulge his exact intentions before any action or meeting—he’s not one to show his hand like other Presidents, he believes that open lines of conversation are most important with our adversaries. Why not wait and see?

 Oh, wait a minute . . . You think that Donald Trump is being controlled by Russia?

C’mon now, Russia is no match for this country, here is the research found:

They (Russia) have a GDP fifteen times smaller than our own, and even smaller than Italy. They have a lickety-split aging population and the only real industry they have is oil and gas! Our economy is close to $17 trillion . . . compare that to Russia’s less than $2 trillion economies which have been slowly declining in recent years. We are getting close to nine or ten times stronger economically, while our powerful Military spends four or five times more than Russia on defense every year and it is projected that Russia’s population could decline dramatically by 30 or 40 million people over the next fifty years.

On top of the plethora of criticism given to our President, the New York Times took it one step further yesterday with the salacious display of Trump and Putin depicted as lovers riding a bicycle, blowing heart kisses, while Putin is seen pulling on Trump’s nipples . . . Sick to the core, and an affront to gay people.  Many of our friends are “gay” and the real offense gets taken to this homophobic cartoon – a disgusting, shocking, and distasteful cartoon! How is the New York Times any better than people who accuse our President and HIS morals? Here is a man constantly criticized 24-hours a day globally, he’s condemned, attacked, and disparaged, his family gets attacked and the people who work for him are being harassed in public. Many doubt the legitimacy of a Presidency won fairly and without collusion. Yes, there was interference, notably proved by Muller a few days ago. He (Trump) receives no thanks or encouragement no matter what he does or accomplishes daily. Donald Trump, with that amount of disparagement, operates tirelessly to put America First!

 Would you work that hard for a country where many despise and hate you?!?!

 Here is an interesting report:

The United States has interfered in democratic elections in lots of countries around the world, and you could argue that we’ve been doing a variety of things to try and encourage democratic forces, promote civil society, both in Russia or in countries close to Russia, in ways that they regard as alarming. We might think that we’re doing the right thing, spreading our values in various places, but you could certainly understand how Russia might regard that as threatening, and might even view what they did in 2016 as a form of payback. ~ Stephen Walt


Food for thought!


  1. rachel Reply

    Wonderful portrayal of how Trump haters will go to any and all extremes to bring him down.

    They don’t get it! Our masterful President is so far ahead of those who would probably sell their souls to have him ousted. It’s laughable!

    Hopefully, Trump will continue to have the last laugh by continuing to grow our economy, keep unemployment at bay, pass more equitable tax laws and generally MAGA.

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