Baby Boomers vs Millennials


Baby Boomers vs MillennialS


 Apart from the natural progression of the passing years, the aging process for Baby Boomers has created a problematic technological vulnerability. This generation, a demographic that I belong to, has filled many of us with self-doubt, inadequacy, and fear.  America’s seniors are living longer by leading healthy and physically active lifestyles.

To make my point, I was watching American Ninja last night when a fifty-four-year-old man showed up to compete with athletes less than half his age and making it through the course. The crowd went wild! But, when it comes to finding lucrative employment, that same man would be forced to compete with technological wizards with degrees up to their cabooses. As one would expect that same man runs his own Bakery business!

Thinking back, the American Dream was once driven by hard work, dreaming, and entrepreneurship.  Individuals experienced and believed in a system where one achieved results by taking risks. Today’s generation does not have that luxury, they have lost the ability to think, imagine, and create.  The world of technology, while fantastic, is robbing millennials and future generations of their vital instincts.

A two-year-old is given an electronic game to keep amused, and by the time they are six to eight most own a cell phone! They no longer use their five unique senses of touch, taste, see, hear, smell. Their brain cells have lost the wonderful gift that God gave them – the sheer joy of their imagination through the power of their senses.

Seniors are closing their eyes in anguish, watching as the bar gets lowered for young people.  We (boomers) had to live through our home equity getting destroyed by the financial crisis, the real estate market tanking, and for others, 401ks traumatized when the stock market suffered. Many lost millions of hard earned monies and were forced to seek employment in a world filled with college graduates and millennials. Fortunately, with this new administration, the stock market has reached record highs, and the economy is thriving.

Boomers want their children and grandchildren to have a dream, and it doesn’t have to be the American Dream that they helped build. Now it’s come time for the creation of new generational ideas?  Politicians, for decades, have tried to bring back that dream, but unfortunately, it has gone forever.

We live in the 21st century, and a new dream while receiving constant opposition is getting cultivated by our new president. Politically we are going through enormous change. Many Americans hate the new leadership, consumed with hate and anger. Our media outlets never find anything useful about all the positive changes taking place. When something negative, wrong, or tragic happens, President Trump gets blamed, e.g., Samantha Bee.

It has become a joke. No one credits Trump. What about the all-time unemployment low since 1969 of 3.8%? In closing, I want to emphasize that ANY change is always difficult and challenging, however, that is how we grow!

Written by Samantha Elphick

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  1. Lisa W. Reply

    Love the article Sam. Technically I am part of the Generation X group, those who follow the Boomers and precede the Millennials. However, I did enjoy the cartoon in your article as it reminded me of a time in a previous job when I was being reprimanded for my methods by my younger supervisor. I did not apologize for not following corporate protocol, nor did I ask for advice or validation. I simply reminded him of my successes and achievements and told him to leave me alone and bother the employees who were NOT exceeding expectations. Perhaps I am a Boomer at heart!

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