Quote: “This obsession with Trump has gone too far…. this show has become neither entertaining nor informative… their ignorance has no bounds!” ~ Anonymous audience of The View.


(Please note: The quotes in this article are transposed precisely as stated)

Yesterday, on Facebook, they featured a video clip from “THE VIEW”. I clicked on and immediately listened to the negative, opinionated comments of Joy Behar. The subject they were discussing concerned why Melania, the first lady, would not be joining the President on his planned trip to Switzerland. The hate spewed out of Joy Behar, and I could not restrain myself, I wanted to hold her accountable. Here is what I posted . . .

Samantha ElphickJoy Behar, you have become the most opinionated and insulting woman on television. When you had your show, way back, I watched with interest and enjoyed you. What happened? Is this what you have resorted to for getting ratings? Sad, you have turned into an evil, hateful, lost person.

Within seconds the rebuttals began, and for the next two hours, I read every one that came in. I decided that I wanted to know what people hated about the President. There must have been close to one hundred posts. I answered a few with a question, but no one wanted to explain to me when confronted with a matter of how, what, or why did they know the truth in what they were saying. I got called on with my comment of accusing Joy Behar by saying: Sad, you have turned into an evil, hateful, loser. I wrote back and admitted that I was wrong and should have described Joy as experiencing her as evil, hateful, and lost.

Here is one comment that (seemingly) shows that this person thinks he/she has a degree in physiatry and is also a practicing clairvoyant.

Quote: “She’s ashamed and trapped all at the same time – however as many women know — she knew exactly what she signed up for when she married this man – now she’s paying the emotional price in the public eye – she basically and willingly sold her soul to the devil.”

Here was the answer from another FB participant.

Quote: “Well, gee? Let’s all just speculate and make up scenarios (the nastier the better) and spread it all around like we think we know what we’re talking about………until we believe our own fantasies….”

It was refreshing to see that half the people stood up for our President and First Lady. I decided to write this article as part of my research in fulfilling a dream to have a ten series TV show focused on our five sense, sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Suddenly, I realized that my idea would be well served if I applied my focus on a show titled:  OUR PRESIDENT – LOVE VS HATE. I intend to create the ten series independently, and then offer to sell the series to a National TV Channel like Fox News – WE Television – CBS – NBC.


Thinking about my role coming up against all the Trump haters yelling in my face, I questioned how I would handle the negativism if displayed viciously, but staying true to my commitment to help bring Americans together, I reminded myself of the Trump supporter who dealt with this comment.

Quote: “Would you travel anywhere with this guy?? I don’t have I single iota of pity for her but I can see why she’s dodging the limelight these days . . .”

Then came this response back to the Trump hater.

Quote: “It is none if your business why Melania is not going on trip!!!!!!! And what right do you have to talk about anyone’s marriage!!!!! Worry about your own relationships and stop assuming you know everything about the President and his wife!!!!!! Did it ever occur to you that she decided to stay with their son since it is a short trip??????????? Stop with all your fake nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

 She did get a little carried away with the exclamation marks, but it does show her passion. Then in the next few seconds, there was another Trump supporter. I rather enjoyed her statement about “keyboard courage.” I must use that term in the future.

Quote: “Oh, my gosh. The mean and insulting things that the TROLLS, GREMLINS, and HATERS with their keyboard courage write on here for the hosts and co-hosts! Say’s a lot more about you than it does the person you are trashing!”

That is about the extent of this article. It will close with two things that the Trump haters should know about:

1)    Just like the adage says: “What you dislike most about other people is what you dislike the most in yourself.”

 2)    Today (1/25) President Trump got to sit around a table with 15 of the most powerful Global Business Leaders. Each was asked to talk about their company investments in the United States.  Each leader acknowledged President Trump for his leadership, how they have benefited from his new trade policies, and their commitment to the money they were investing in the US.

Written AND POSTED by Samantha Elphick

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